Recently the company was requested to provide assistance to a client that was having issues with their previous contractor.

The company undertook an inspection of the site and implemented a plan to tackle the issues to bring the site back to a high standard and worked closely with the Client to provide advice and recommendations moving forward.

Vents are one of the most common areas that get missed. The before and after shot below shows how bad a vent can get over time. Blocked vents cause ventilation issues which contribute to bad air flow, moisture build up and then mould.

The picture on the left shows the extensive build up and where the removal process has started to take place. The picture on the right shows the results after now allowing air to flow freely.

The company also made improvements to the floor surface which was porous vinyl to look like wood.

Above, the picture on the left shows heavy dark staining which is dirt imbeded into the surface. There was clear evidence of neglect from the former contractor with using the appropriate chemicals and tools to undertake the cleaning of these areas.

The company during the initial clean process utilised speciualised chemical and tools which proved effective as per the photo on the right and lifted the profile of the floor back to a high quality finish.

It is critical that staff have the necessary tools to undertake cleaning tasks in order to get the results that are needed.

The company will utilise when and if required experienced consultants to provide advice on certain aspects of surfaces, equipment or processes to follow that allow us to achieve the results that our clients and us alike require.