The company was given the challenge to remove concrete leaching from the iconic Questacon forecourt. The leaching occurs when water leaks into concrete dissolving the calcium causing a staining to occur on top of the surface. The build up at Questacon was a combination of dirt and lime/calcium build up and required specialised cleaning chemicals, machinery and processes in order to remove the stain.

The project saw the forecourt being completely scrubbed to remove excess dirt, pollen and dust from the area to allow the chemical to focus on the build-up.
After letting the chemical work away, machinery was brought in to remove the calcium which sped up the process as well as contributing to the removal process.

The results were fantastic with complete removal of the build-up and stain returning the forecourt to its former glory. Due to the area having previous leaching issues, there will be a requirement for ongoing periodical maintenance however this will result in longevity of the area and maintain the overall image of the entrance area.